Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day

 The Spread:

 Beautiful Roses:

This year, my fiance and I had some things to celebrate on Valentine's Day.  It was our first one together, and we had FINALLY settled on a date for our wedding.  Yey! - June 4th - mark your calendars!  :-)

We said we weren't going to do Valentine's Day this year because of our upcoming wedding, but of course, Raymond being as sweet as he is couldn't not do anything, so he brought me roses, a cute stuffed animal, a picture frame for an upcoming engagement or wedding picture, and a homemade card. 

I made him a special meal that included Rib Eye Steak & Lobster with a Whiskey Glaze, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potato Risotto, and for dessert, Rum Roasted Pineapple over Ice Cream. 

These were all firsts for me and they turned out great, but I did decide on a few tweaks to make them even better, plus it was kind of crazy in my kitchen cooking that much on a week night so I only got good pictures of the finished products. 

The recipes will follow after I get a chance to tweak and make them again, but here are some yummy pictures until then.

Raymond's plate (the food always seems to look better against black than white):

My plate:

Raymond enjoyed dipping his steak in the whiskey glaze:

We opened up a great bottle of wine that I had brought back from Europe:


Playing with my Valentine's gift:

Raymond's Tips:
Put a spoonfull of sugar in with the flower water and change it daily to make the flowers last longer.

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